The value of your data is in the story it tells.

Fisher Visualizations can help your organization find business value in your data. We use a custom, client-centered approach to addressing business challenges. To meet your needs, we draw on our expertise in these areas:

"Data Discovery" Analysis

We work with our clients understand the data that they are gathering internally as well as data from external sources. We can also create documentation about data and connections between sources.

“Business Value of Your Data” Analysis

We work with clients to gain understanding of the challenges facing their organization. We then envision how better information and its presentation might help profitably master the challenges.

Communication of Findings

With insights about the organization and the data, identify and prepare audience-appropriate materials to communicate the messages desired by the client.

Preparation of Communication Visuals

Translate text and numbers from data into graphs and interactive visualizations that communicate the insights revealed by the data.

Development of the “Talk Track”

Assist the client in preparing presentations about data insights that are geared to specific audiences.